How to buy your doll

  1. Choose your doll

How to buy sex doll

Choose carefully your inflatable doll and silicone. Pay special attention to the height, measurements and weight of the doll. You can customize the doll to your taste.




  1. Checkout and Payment

buy inflatable doll

Please enter the required information to successfully finalize the purchase (name, contact number and delivery address). Select your payment options if you do not know how to pay, check out our page of Payment Information.



  1. Order confirmation

Email confirmation of purchase silicone doll

Once completed the purchase of the doll, we'll send you an email confirmation.
Please review all the possible specifications that you selected are correct. Also make sure that the details of the order and the shipping information is correct.



  1. Production doll

production doll

For the production of the doll you take 5 -10 days after confirming the purchase.

The production time also depends on the doll customization level.



  1. Your doll is ready!

Picture inflatable doll production

Once the production and performed quality control, we will send photos of your doll before it is shipped so that it can check and confirm that everything that you selected is correct.



  1. Doll Shipping

Shipping inflatable doll silicone

We will send you the doll via DHL or FedEx. It is usually take 1-2 weeks for delivery, depending on the location.

You will receive the tracking number in the following 1-2 days after shipment.



  1. Number to track the shipment

track shipping inflatable doll

Once the doll has left our warehouse, we'll send you the tracking number via e-mail.

You can follow the status of your shipment or contact the company to get more precise information about your package.


  1. Delivery of the package

inflatable doll Delivery

Be careful when you open the package and remove the protective parts. Be gentle with your doll. Enjoy your doll! Please, share your experience and send a review to five stars, thank you!



If you have questions you can contact us, We will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you to choose the best sex doll for you.