As a sex doll cost?

If you've already had a look at our catalog, you will notice that theprice from the Real Doll and sex doll, the silicone sex dolls for adults it's high enoughand thought that a sex doll is not a sex toy any. In addition to the very realistic, the most obvious difference between an inflatable doll and an accessory for masturbation is the cost.

Prices of realistic dolls that look real

Price Real Sex Doll

We decided to answer this question by publishing an article that informs on the characteristics of sex dolls, respond to everything you need to know about the pricesInflatable dolls that seem trueand why some are more costly than others.

Because of certain sites in the doll itself is cheaper?

A small price disparities including an e-commerce to another is due to the very functioning of the market where expertise and retailers there may adjust prices (always respecting certain margins not to go at a loss).

But this happens in all sectors and Unlike 200 € the euro can be considered "normal”.

What apparently is explained it is not why the same doll on a site It costs 500 € while on another the indicated value is of 2.000€, Ten times more expensive.

Well, the explanation exists and the reasons for this huge difference are different. We suggest that you read them well, one by one, to better understand and make the right decision:

  1. counterfeit dolls. If you found a great offer on a site that sells your doll of dreams to a bargain price and what you reeks of cheating, Follow your instincts before you rush with the purchase. 

    Sui specialized forums you can read the experiences of users that are made with haste and have fallen into the trap. 

    Many times certain sites use Photos of the original dolls but then you send anything. Often dolls are made with materials of low quality (Hence the bargain price), which have very resistant skin, rigid skeleton and that makes noise. Ultimately, it is unrealistic and break shortly after.

  2. Shipping Times. If you've ensured that the site offering the doll you are looking at a cheaper price is safe and will not send you a counterfeit doll the reason for the lower price would depend on the method and times Doll Shipping. 

    Retailers can choose three options for sending: airplane, ship or train.

    Longer delivery times are those by ship or train (40 to 60 days). As with air shipments the doll will be at your house in 7-10 days. 

    Obviously the speed of delivery has a greater cost. For this, the doll bought at a cheaper price could take a month to reach their destination.

  3. Measurements and personalization Doll. As we have already told you, these two elements affect the cost of a sex doll. 

    What could create some confusion is the fact that some e-commerce advertise the sale of realistic dolls starting from much lower prices than the competition. 

    Actually, there are silicone dolls that are cheaper than those of 100cm. 

    But if what you are looking for is a doll of Natural dimensions You will see that even on the sites that announce very competitive starting prices The costs rise a lot.

    Also remember that customizations that some retailers include other price shut.

  4. VAT and customs costs. Some sites include shipping costs, customs costs and VAT. But not all sites operate in the same way. 

    For example, the company of a site could be located in a country where there is no VAT or where the tax is lower than Italy (In the USA Sales Tax is 8% or 10%). In this case, it is not only calculates in the price of the doll a lower fee but it is possible to face it in dollars.

    So when one of these dolls arrive at the customs in Italy will be requested to pay the buyer to pay the difference. In this case: VAT at 22% in euro plus customs duties, fully included at the cost of doll.

  5. To better understand we have done two calculations: if you buy a doll that costs $ 1500, the additional cost to be able to get it out of the customs 200€ to the 250€.

    If you don't pay what is indicated by the customs (which sends an email to the buyer) The doll remains there blocked.

    In short, the one that initially could seem like a bargain will cost you more in terms of money, time and energies.

  6. Dollar / Euro Exchange. When buying on sites with registered office outside the EU you must keep in mind that you may be charged for a cost for the foreign currency transaction. Furthermore, the change may not be favorable, so it is Better to get a bit of accounts before buying.

  7. Scam Risk (scam) and Consumer protection. Buy on sites managed by companies with registered office abroad not only can it mean additional costs due to the customs but it could be a further scratch for the resolution of any problems (delays in delivery, product defects, etc.). 

    In addition, consumer rights will not be the same ones that are guaranteed for purchases in the territory of European Union. Some rights like withdrawal, for example, may not be applicable. In scam case, on the other hand, would miss legal elements for Protect your rights.

Because of certain sites in the doll itself is cheaper

Sex Doll Price: Why does it cost so much?

If you have decided that what you want is a doll likeBrookeThe next step will look for it on the web and proceed with the purchase.

Nothing easier!

Yet there is something that doesn't convince you. Of course, the doll you found and you're about to buy is really beautiful,but why is it so dear?

ForSave online search and long hours of studyTo understand the Real Sex Doll market we decided to facilitate life. In short, the main elements that affect the price of a realistic silicone doll are:

The size of the sexual doll

As you could see in the technical descriptions of the dolls of our catalog the measures change from doll doll.

In principle, as we said, the higher the greater doll will be the amount of materials used for manufacture. The amount of materials also affects other featuresas the weightthat we recommend youhold in considerationBefore choosing your doll to better manage your meetings.

These features can also help you understand if the product you are buying is a real realistic doll or simply a traditional inflatable doll.

Consider this and other tips ifReal Doll your purchases on Amazon or eBay.

physical Conformation

There are real doll for all tastes: low, medium and high stature, with pear fitness, apple or hourglass, with small breasts who enters a glass of champagne or huge boobs get lost among them.

All this, of course, affect the weight and, as we have just said, the weight means more material but also more processing time andtherefore higher cost.

The options for the pleasure

Again, the options affect the final price of the sexy doll. Obviously many more holes will be the cost. Because?

The answer is simple,vagina, themouthAndthe anusof real dolls are made to give a realistic experience and are not simple holes but cavity which faithfully reproduce the anal cavity, vaginal and mouth of aperson of flesh and bones.

In addition, the materials used are special, but we'll talk about below.

The materials

If you have found it very convenient in the silicone sex dolls compared to other more expensive the explanation may lie in the description of the materials of which it is made.

In general, the best material for the creation of these dolls arePremium SiliconeorTPE(Thermoplastic elastomer).

Because these materials and not latex or plastic? Well, first of all because sex with a doll silicone compared to a plastic makes the difference.

The silicone dolls offervery realistic sensationsit's morepleasantduring thesex.

Also, buy a doll with quality materials such as silicone or TPE stands for abetter hygieneand ainvestment.

These materials if required following the directions of the manufacturers last for years in perfect condition.

Doll Duration

How long should a real doll?
You can not make an exact estimate because you have to take several factors into account:

● The type of material, as we explained in the previous section.

● How you use it. Probably, if you use it every day might last less than a doll that you only use once a month. But in the first case it will still be worth it!

● How to handle it. Each doll needs little care because it keeps perfect as the first day.
For this just follow the simple instructions forcleaning and proper use of a sex doll.

Doll Appearance

These sex dolls models are terribly realistic. You'll have seen from the photos the profile of our Sex Doll, just imagine how they can be live!

optional and customization features

To affect the price of the doll you would your there are also factors such as options and customizations. If you wish to remove a whim, you can have a doll that is exactly how the woman of your dreams.

There are manufacturers that also offer you silicone dolls with sophisticated performance as sensors for warming the body and artificial intelligence.

If you are one who spares no expense you spoiled for choice!

Real Sex Doll Price

How realistic inflatable doll cost?

The price of sex dolls for adults Silicone is related to several factors. Broadly speaking we can say that goes by 1,500 euro and, as we said, we can be up to several tens of thousands of euro for customized ones.

What affects the prezzor? Undoubtedly the material of which they are made. To allow very realistic appearance and a soft skin, Manufacturers use TPE or silicone, As well as internal structures in stainless steel to make sure that the Doll is flexible but at the same time as strong as a person.

Another aspect that affects the cost of a real doll are the forms.

Normally, to make a doll high or very buxom it takes more material and so the final price will be higher.

If we have sensors or artificial intelligence, The price of realistic inflatable doll will be beyond 7,000 euro.

Economic Inflatable doll: Are you sure?

The production costs of a sexy doll is not the same as a traditional inflatable doll or another male masturbator. On the one hand, as we have said, we have the materials and on the other, the craft, which is very demanding and requires some attention to detail.

Just so the end user will receive a product that will ensure certain feelings that you can not try a traditional economic inflatable doll.

Have you ever wondered what is the difference of the two products?

Traditional economic Inflatable Doll

Traditional Inflatable Doll

But she is Brooke, the new expensive and realistic inflatable doll!

realistic inflatable dolls

The comparison is bleak, does not it?

But the choice of certain materials not only offers greater realism and experience of a relationship similar to a real person. Behind the choice of these materials is also a toilet issue.

The silicone and TPE materials are easy to clean and if maintained with care, following the manufacturer's instructions, remain intact for a long time.

THE best brand real dolland sex toys use only quality material to ensure safe fun and also reduce the environmental impact.

Of course, these dolls can be more expensive than the other, but think about it:

  • how long you will be with your sexy doll? It will wait you every day!
  • How often will you use? Whenever you want to!

What maybe the beginning you might consider a very high price, if you think about it is not that a good investment to bring home a true work of art that will make your most pleasant days every day.

    What are the sex doll on the market?

    Realistic sex dolls sometimes are defined as inflatable dolls expensivethough actually they are solid. This could create a bit 'of confusion if it is the first time I buy one and do not know the difference between the various models for sale.

    Also, before you enter the data and confirm the online purchase of your doll for sex, remember that even among those realistic there may be differences.

    We present a summary of the key features to consider.

    Inflatable doll price

    Difference between sex doll silicone inflatable doll, traditional

    These two models of sex dolls they differ in three aspects:

    1. How to use

    Inflatable doll: It is light, occupies little space and can also be stored in a drawer, but must be inflated before use.

    realistic sex dollIt is ready to use and do not need to waste time to inflate it when you want to play. For this it is more voluminous and heavier than an inflatable doll.

    2. Materials

    Inflatable doll: Using plastic materials such as vinyl to produce the skin of these dolls and only artificial vagina It is made of rubber or silicone. These materials do not allow realistic results.

    realistic sex doll: Is made with materials such as TPE or silicone that allow you to model the doll and make it very similar to a person in the flesh. For this they define realistic dolls.

    3. Experience

    Inflatable dollThe materials and the weight does not produce realistic sensations, but it is an ideal model as an accessory for masturbation.

    realistic sex doll: It offers hyperalistic sensations both at a visual level and to the touch and takes positions as a real person. These dolls are designed for an experience that goes beyond masturbation. Sex with a real doll is similar to a relationship with a person in meat and bones.

    Thanks to the technology and to the artisanal work that is behind it will be like having a real woman in his arms. The skin, hair, the bottom, the breast and even the inside of the vagina are created following real models to guarantee a greater pleasure.

    inflatable dolls realistic prices

    Difference between Sex Doll in TPE and Sex Doll in silicone

    Among the realistic dolls you will especially find silicone and TPE models. We explain the difference between these two materials:

    TPE: It is the name you use to indicate a thermoplastic elastomer. It is a type of plastic that you get mixing rubber and other plastic materials to get a very soft result. The peculiarity of the TPE is that it can be extended up to 5.5 times and offers a very soft consistency, similar to human skin.

    All this translates into greater doll's realism, greater flexibility and every part of his body responds to pressure just as a true body would.

    Silicone: It is a polymer that is used in many sectors due to its temperature resistance. The one used in dolls for sex is a type of silicone rubber that can be more or less soft depending on the processing.

    It is a very porous material very resistant to high temperatures, moisture and chemicals. Compared to the TPE is more rigid to the touch.

    Why buy a sex doll?

    Having a silicone doll for sex can give a lot of satisfaction. Perhaps for this reason the opinions of those who decided to Buy realistic inflatable dollFor adults who seem true they are always very positive and who buys it usually to buy a second one.

    Among the most recurrent comments There are those of Real Dolls owners who have discovered in these Dolls of the companions render Life more enjoyable Among the domestic walls.

    According to the testimonies, which are now read everywhere in magazines and magazines online, in addition to the intimate relationship, those who buy a rubber doll does it for:

    • Having a "person" to take care of and share their days.
    • Fighting solitude. Be happy to go home from her!
    • Increase your self-esteem and improve the intimate relationship with the real partner.
    • Recover sexual desire.
    • Keeping sexually active waiting to find a real partner.
    • Have a perfect inspirational muse to experiment with new artistic creations.
    • Try new positions or realize certain wishes with the guarantee of safe sex, without unwanted pregnancies or the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Add some adventure and news in the couple report, experimenting for example the much dreamed of Threesome Without the frustrations to include a third person in the report.

    For some people the happiness they offer these Realistic sex dolls He really has no price. Think that certain custom inflatable dolls can also cost 40,000 euros and beyond.

    However, you don't need to get to pay certain figures to enjoy a hyperrealistic sex doll all for you.