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Welcome Real Sex Doll, We are the official supplier for Italy of the best Sex Doll brand.

Our mission is to select for you the best realistic dolls silicone and TPE to offer an authentic sexual experience.

Love And lust I have never been so close!

We only work with the best brands, including WM Doll, Irontech, YL Dolls, Doll AF producing dolls comply with European legislation (EC standards, testing Compliant).

Do not find cheap imitations on our catalog, dolls at bargain prices (low-end copies, toxic and dangerous to humans)butonly the best products and the better attention to the clientAnd.

We offer fast forwarding And discreet, completely free per order.

Our promises


All Sex Doll of our catalog are original brand name, we are authorized dealers of all brands on the site.


The dolls of Real Sex Doll are made Premium Silicone or TPE high quality that guarantees safety and durability.

The dolls in realistic silicone are built in compliance with strict quality criteria: the materials used are harmless, non-toxic to humans And comply with health standards.

The Sex Doll are made with a metal skeleton and flexible joints that allow you to choose any sexual position.

The dolls are finished by hand by artists to achieve the effect as realistic as possible.

Photo before shipping the product

Our dolls are created especially for you and we send a photo before sending so that we can confirm thatAnd exactly how you want it: a unique service.

Before shipment check that the dolls have no imperfections.
Only after acceptance by the customer, we proceed with the shipment of the product. Once we send the confirmation email and tracking number for the shipment.

Convenience and Quality

You will not find prices "too low to be true": our mission is to offer the best prices without sacrificing quality.

Privacy - anonymous Pack 100%

The customer privacy is our priority, so we guarantee the order and the package are discreetAnd anonymous.
The parcel is neutral in color and without any logo or reference Real Sex Doll or content.

Do you have questions? Do you need help? Contact sending an email, a message on Facebook Messenger or up Whatsapp.

We will be happy to help you choose your doll of dreams!