How do you use a sex doll cleanse?

How do you use realistic silicone inflatable doll?

Before Buy a sexual silicone doll Or included if you have just received your valuable toy is logical that you want to know by wire and by sign how it works and how it is used. This is your sexy doll and we want you to have fun with her and that remains impeccable as the first day for a long time.

Today we explain how to use one Realistic inflatable doll And we answer the frequently asked questions about its maintenance and cleanliness.

Silicone doll to have sex

Your sexual doll has just arrived home

If you have just received delivery, follow these tips as well as any indications that could have sent you the manufacturer at the time of purchase:

  1. Rest the package on the ground at a spacious house where it can move smoothly. As you already know these sex doll models have real measurements and we generally weigh over 20 kilos, so it is good to keep it in mind to avoid dropping it and scratch it.
  2. We suggest you Avoid knives or cutters To open the package or if you use it very much attention to not affect the material inside.
  3. Often the doll's head ships separate from the body to wrap it better and prevent it from being damaged. So, first extract your head and place it in a safe place.
  4. If there are other accessories, you also remove those from the box.
  5. Remove the film that wraps the doll, most manufacturers use this material to protect it during the trip.
  6. Take out the doll helping you with both hands to lift it and place it on a covered blanket on the floor.
  7. Now add your head and any accessories to the body.

What an emotion! Your doll is in front of you and is almost ready. Before taking it to the bedroom or change it it is important that it cleans it. After a long journey he wants to give himself a refreshment!

Don't worry because this is a much easier procedure than you can think and it will only take a few minutes. We explain how to do it.

How to clean the sex doll for the first time?

To keep your sexy rubber doll always in order and clean your skin you will need:

  • Neutral or antibacterial liquid soap.
  • A hairbrush.
  • A microfibre cloth.
  • A dry towel or chamois cloth.
  • Tiepid water (not hot).
  • Vaginal sprinkler.
  • Renovation powder or talc for children.
  • A trick brush (similar to the one to make up).

These are few accessories that most producersInclude in a kit that they ship with the doll.

The first cleaning you can make it with water and soap using a soft cloth. Clean every centimeter of your skin and enjoy this first contact time. It will be a good opportunity to get to know it better!

If its cavities (mouth, vagina and anus) are removable, cleaning will be very easy with the water jet of the shower.

To clean the dolls with inamous orifices you will need to help you with a vaginal sprinkler (present in the cleaning kit you receive as a gift), a soft sponge or shower head.

Anyway, immediately after you washed it, dry it well With a cloth or microfibre towel in order to prevent damage due to humidity.

You can also use a fan to make sure it's very dry but Never use the hair dryer And Do not expose it to sunlight For a long period as they could ruin his skin.

Remember that moisture favors the proliferation of bacteria and the accumulation of dirt that could cause bad smell. Moreover, over time, they could deteriorate his skin. For this, it is very important to wash and dry one Real Doll After each use.

Once a month, after cleaning from a beautiful one massage, especially on the seat, breast and joints using Vaseline or oil for children. Once the oil is absorbed, sprinkle it with the renovation powder or talc. This procedure helps keep its skin intact, soft and elastic longer.

Silicone sex doll

How do I clean my doll after using it?

After each intimate encounter with your sex doll Follow the advice for cleaning and maintaining we have proposed before you.

Above all, remember to wash the cavities well and remove them if it is possible for easier, profound and fast cleaning. Eliminate any residue of lubricant and carefully dry.

After use and cleanliness, if your doll has removable cavities (vagina, mouth or anus) we advise you to keep them separately and insert them again before using them.

In addition to this, having fun and clean the doll's skin once a month to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Can I take a shower with my doll?

If you want to take a shower with her, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use warm but not boiling water in the shower so as to preserve your skin Silicone sexual doll.
  • Avoid spraying water on the doll's head. The humidity could filter inside and deteriorate the materials of which it is made.
  • Do not place the doll directly on the surface of the bath or shower. Better place it on a blanket so that its skin does not scratch.
  • While take a shower with her gently with your hands using an antibacterial neutral liquid detergent.
  • Remember to keep the metal parts dry and dries your sexy doll immediately after the shower.

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Can I dress my doll?

Of course! You can dress your doll as you prefer and use as a reference the measures provided in the description of your doll to buy women's clothing that is suitable for you. You can choose the look you like to highlight the best personality and points of your sexy doll.

Some tips on garments:

  • Jeans could make the skin of your less shiny doll and make it porous.
  • Make sure the garments do not lose color and wash them before trying them on your doll to avoid spots on his skin.
  • Don't leave your doll dressed for long periods of time.

Can I make up?

Yes, of course! Some sexy dolls already have a slight permanent make-up, but you can modify it to your liking by applying over the colors you prefer.

If you want your doll perfume, you can spray the fragrance that you like best on her but avoids the perfumes they contain alcohol, because they could damage her skin.

Stainle and doll glue in TPE

In case the doll should present stains from garments, wigs or fabrics in general, or has small cuts in the joints, you can use the kitDiaphone and doll glue in TPE

What kind of lubricant should I use with my doll?

You can use Vaseline or any water-based lubricant. It is a very important detail that you will not have to neglect to ensure that your inflatable doll, or Real Sex Doll as they say in English, you will keep yourself in perfect condition longer.

Is it safe to have sex not protected with my sexy doll?

You can have sex not protected with your doll if you follow the instructions for proper hygiene after each report. Despite this, if ejaculation takes place inside the vagina or in other doll cavities you will have to carry out a very accurate cleaning every time and dry the inside well.

To simplify cleaning, most doll owners prefer to use the condom that, moreover, facilitates the application of the lubricant.

Remember that if you have sex with the doll while doing another person you should use a condom. In this case having sex with a realistic inflatable doll is equivalent to having an unprotected relationship with the other person.

Keeping these details in mind, the decision to have protected or unprotected sex with your doll depends on your preferences.

How should I keep my doll when not using it?

The preferred place by doll owners to preserve their silicone companions is the bed. Because? First of all because a rubber doll is a voluminous accessory and there will not disturb. Furthermore, lying in awaited will be a pleasant presence always happy to have you in his arms.

The wardrobe could be another option, but remember that you don't keep standing alone and not all manufacturers provide the Hook to hang it at the wardrobe bar. Therefore, the ideal is that it is expanded and not bent or resting against a hard surface for a long time, which could cause deformations or scratches on its skin.

We hope that these tips have clarified your doubts about the use and maintenance of a silicone doll and which can have fun with her. If you have other questions you can leave us a comment below.


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