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6YE Premium e Amor Doll Real Sex Doll

6ye Premium It is one of the producers of Realistic sex dolls in silicone More appreciated by users around the world.
They are equipped with a steel skeleton with ball-artistic joints that allows the doll to move in different directions and try all the positions, especially for sexual purposes.

Sex dolls 6ye Premium They have the following features:
1) Vagina lips, nipple areola and very realistic anus
2) steel skeleton with ball joint that allows realistic positions.
3) High quality and high quality TPE leather offering incredible sensations.

Dolls 6ye Premium / Amor They have a new TPE non-greasy formula, almost odorless. The new TPE formula of 6ye Premium Makes the skin of a very resistant doll no longer need to dust your doll and no longer oily losses !!
These are probably some of the best Latest generation inflatable doll In quality silicone on the market apart from their great realism.

Aila Sexy Doll - Real Doll
Aila sexy doll
  • €2.200,00
  • €1.990,00

Real sex doll Silicone

Masturbatore Torso Aurora - Real Doll
Mini Sex Doll Aurora
  • €1.250,00
  • €1.100,00

Masturbatore Torso

Aletta Sexy Doll - Real Doll
Aletta Sexy Doll
  • €2.200,00
  • €1.990,00

Real sex doll Silicone

Felicia Bambola Sexy - Real Doll
Felicia Sexy Doll
  • €2.000,00
  • €1.850,00

Bambola Gonfiabile

Ireny Sexy Doll - Real Sex Doll
Ireny sexy doll
  • €2.200,00
  • €1.940,00

Real sex doll Silicone

Idony Sexy Doll - Real Sex Doll
Idony sexy doll
  • €2.200,00
  • €1.940,00

Real sex doll Silicone