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The Dolls for realistic sex silicone IRONTECH DOLL They are dolls made in TPE Of the highest quality, for medical and non-toxic use for humans.
There Real inflatable dollIt is hand-finished by professional artists with incredible attention to detail to give girls a realistic look.
Love dolls IRONTECH DOLLThey are among the best in the sector, characterized by beauty and stunning realism, especially in their intimate, particularly detailed and artistically colored areas.

Promotion October 2021!

By purchasing a 140 cm IRONTECH model in Sú free for you:

1) EVO skeleton
2) Gel in the breast
3) dress or lingerie as a gift
4) Professional cleaning kit

All silicone dolls IRONTECH DOLL They can be customizable and now they are equipped with a neck and body connector M16, which makes them completely and compatible with dolls Wm, Yl And Or. All realistic dolls IRONTECH DOLL They have a metal skeleton that allows all sexual positions.
You can have vaginal, anal and oral sex.

Smacchiatore e Colla per Sex Doll Silicone - Real Doll
Stain Remover and Repairing Solvent for Dolls in TPE
  • €90,00

Smacchiatore Colla TPE

Pene Adattatore per Bambola Sessuale famminile - Real Doll
Penis Male Sex Doll
  • €95,00


Naty Sexy Doll - Real Doll
Lella Sexy Doll
  • €2.500,00
  • €1.850,00

Real sex doll Silicone

Lolita Sexy Doll - Real Doll
Sexy doll amalia
  • €2.100,00
  • €1.980,00

Real sex doll Silicone

Mini Sex Doll Celia - Real Doll
Mini Sex Doll Natalia
  • €1.400,00
  • €1.350,00

Masturbatore Torso

Sally Sexy Doll - Real Doll
Sally Sexy Doll
  • €2.100,00
  • €1.980,00

Real sex doll Silicone