Male masturbators. Which one to choose?

The masturbator is a sexual toy that can make self-eroticism a real pleasure. If you have never tried one before, it will be a pleasant discovery. And no, you're not going crazy. Masturbation is a healthy activity, explore a little without prejudice!

For those who have already tried a male masturbatorWe remember that they are not all the same. Each of these toys is equipped with specific features aimed at stimulating, exciting and producing extreme pleasure sensations very similar to those that would try during sex with a person. Prepare to discover all that can offer you the masturbator category for men!

Torso woman masturbator

Torso woman masturbator

The women's torso masturbator is ideal if You have no problems of space to store it and want a very realistic and more stimulating toy during masturbation. With a Torso woman masturbator You will have the chance to tighten the middle bust of a woman, touch and penetrate an artificial vagina that will wrap your penis just like a real while holding up, stretched and hugs a busty and soft breast that will make you lose your head.

In this category you will also find Interactive masturbators. A Interactive torso masturbator, in addition to giving you the thrill of being able to tighten a abundant and sodo breast, increases excitement with vibrations, moans and a sexy voice.

Masturbators for dual-entry men

Most pocket masturbations have openings on both sides, of which only one for penetration. Most but not everyone! Those with double entry like the Tight grip They offer you experience 2 in 1. materials and finishes are accurately treated to better simulate penetration into the different parts of the body. You can choose the most excited version or, why not, try them all! Anal masturbator with vagina, with mouth And vagina And choose the color for an even more personalized experience.

Ass masturbator and pussy

Anal masculine masturbers with penis

Anal penetration can give feelings of great pleasure and this masturbator with a narrow aperture and a Big penis of 18 cm to grab you while you masturbate. The perfectly sculpted sitting and the skin that seems like that of a true person will fly your imagination and will prolong pleasure.

Anal masturbator with penisAnal masturbator with penis

Narrow vagina-shaped masturbators

Masturbation can be the best way to get better and understand what excites you more. Do it with the help of a Realistic vagina masturbator As this not only makes the act more fun but it can also be useful for exploring new worlds. This very narrow vagina with soft, enveloping and increasingly tight interiors as you go in depth will make you feel chills throughout the body. There Artificial Vagina Valentina Nappi LEARDS IN THE TUNNEL OF LOVE and reach unforgettable orgasms!

Masturbator with narrow vaginaMasturbator with narrow vagina

Masturbator for men's pump

Another masturbator that can give you great satisfaction is the model with pump. A sex toy for men, practical and economical but that at the same time guarantees you incredible results.

Vibrant electric masturbator

Thanks to these models of electric masturbator masturbation has never been so exciting! For greater satisfaction of your clients Piperdream has created Extreme Toyz Roto-Bator, masturbators that bring self-eroticism to another level. This mechanism is able to offer your penis not only the normal movements up and down, but a whole series of circular massages that will stimulate every centimeter of your skin. With this toy You will have 3 speeds and 7 rotation programs To experiment with new combinations every time.

The inner part is made with soft and molded materials to simulate contact with a real vagina. This model also allows you to choose the part of the body you prefer, then between mouth masturbator, vagina or anal. Also, it is water resistant and you can use it in the shower.

Vibrant electric masturbatorVibrant electric masturbator

If you want to try the extreme pleasure of vibration but you prefer to keep pressure control on your penis you can opt for this model of man masturbator. It is a vibrating version a little cheaper but with quality materials that perfectly simulate contact with real skin. Enjoy the vibration and control the pressure yourself at the right time to increase aspiration.

Masturbator for a hands-free fun

In this category there are the most advanced male masturbers and a little more expensive than the pocket vagines. Pipedream Extreme Toyz Mega-Bator, For example, it has a technology that allows you to enjoy the moment without using your hands. Thanks to a powerful engine that can be recharged through any USB port, masturbation will be ultra pleasant with circular and up and down movements. This masturbator is water resistant, allows you to Choose between 5 speeds and 10 functions Different and has support for the phone to add some visual stimulus to the experience.

Free Hands Electronic Masturbator

Attention to detail! Unlike normal automated masturbators that use a generic cavity for each model, i Mega-bator They allow you to customize the experience by imitating the characteristics of every part of the body: vagina, anus and mouth. Choose the most inviting one! And to make everything even more realistic and pleasant always applies a good dose of water-based lubricant and follow the instructions of the manufacturer for cleaning and maintenance.

Free Hands Electronic Masturbator

Masturbator easy to carry

For those looking for a manageable sex toy, which takes up little space QuickShotof the Fleshlight It is probably the best choice. It is made with high-quality materials for a longer duration and pleasant feelings to the touch. The choice of transparent materials, among other things, is not random. This way you can also enjoy the visual stimulus.

The shortest format compared to that of a conventional masturbator shaped vagina and the opening on both sides also allow play in pairs. Push the penis all the way down in order to receive oral or manual stimulation on the other side!

How do you see the offer of accessories for male masturbation and anything but monotonous. There are masturbators designed to meet all needs, more or less sophisticated and suitable for all budgets. Among those that have been described in this article which is what excites you the most?