Sexual Assistant for disabled or Sex Doll?

The stereotypes about sexuality of disabled people does not exist only in Italy. However, other governments allocate resources and regulations that mostly also protect the rights linked to the expression of sexuality of this collective. One example is the establishment sexual assistant for the disabled.

Want to know what the 'Sexual assistance for disabled and what is a sex operator? We'll tell you all the details of this professional in this article.

Who is the sex worker?

The sex worker is a person, man or woman, who works in collaboration with a therapist or psychologist to improve well-being of disabled persons. It deals in a particular way of sexual and intimate sphere.

The sex workers in Italy are part of a still little known profession and waiting for legalization. Wait that creates discomfort and raises many questions on the right to freedom of choice and sexuality of disabled people as well as emphasizes the documentary "The special need" Charles Zoratti.


This professional is however legally recognized in various European countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. In others such as France, the debate on legalizing sexual assistant for the disabled is very hot and the current government is open to liberalization of the profession Sexual server.

As we said, in Italy the profession is still absent at the institutional level, but there are already training with practical training issuing a certificate.

The committee LoveGiver, Founded by Max Ulivieri, it is one of the first to publicly raised the issue of the need for this kind assistance to disabled persons and presented a bill (in signature pending in the Senate since 2014) for its legalization. It also organizes training courses and conferences to raise awareness.

What exactly does the sex worker?

A sexual assistant is dedicated to accompany people with physical and mental disabilities in experimentation with sexuality. This can mean many things, because every individual can have desires, curiosity and distinct needs. Discover and experience sexuality can mean for affection, try and recognize sensations, explore your own body and that of others, Be aware of the significance of feelings and emotions that you can live in intimate sphere order to be able to recognize and manage.

That is why the work of these servers is presential, is based on communication and mutual trust and involves physical contact.

To better understand the function of this figure specializes recommend the movie? "Because of my body"The director Francesco Cannavà and written in collaboration with Andrea Paul Massara. The documentary was made possible thanks to the support of the association LoveGiver and crowdfunding from this organized. 


Sexual assistance means prostitution?

No, the sex worker's role is not to offer sexual services for disabled.

So it is wrong to consider this figure one or a sex worker or escort.

Those who practice sexual assistant profession for people with disabilities, however, is a person who has passed a series of aptitude tests and was formed with specialists in psychology and sexology. Only after a certain course of training, probationary and continuous updates may practice witnessing the sexual needs of people with different types of disabilities.

The assistance, therefore, may include a technical series: massage, physical contact, stimulation, emotional support, intimate moments, accompanying a Masturbation with fake vagina in silicone Healthy and satisfying and the achievement of orgasm, if requested by the Assisted.

Sexuality and disability: when does it become a problem?

The difficulties can be many when it comes to the sexual and intimate sphere of the disabled. From physiological problems, like theAbsence of erection o The incontinence, up to those related to mobility and psychic deficits.

Despite, according to the testimony of people with different types of disabilities interviewed by Saverio Tommasi on Fanpage, the real problem consists of Mental and social barriers. You can follow the interviews in this video: 

In other words, if the physical and mental deficits with greater or less complexity can be exceeded with the help of operators and sexual operators for disabled people, erotic accessories or with the complicity of the partner, as we have already explained in the article "Sex and disability", I Asexual disabled stereotype It is difficult to break down. In most cases it is precisely this prejudice to create the major blocks and insecurities. Not only in people with handicaps but also in those who attend and family members.

To this preconception they add others as, for example, the tendency to think that a disabled person cannot have a mate or a sentimental companion and those who accompany him a server, a family member or a friend; or To think that a person with disabilities does not hear sexual drives Like the rest of the people; Or again, that a disabled person cannot live a normal life.

Like the rest of humans, the disabled person not only has the right to experience sexual pleasure But also, and above all, to enjoy the well-being that offers healthy sexuality.

Sexual assistant: So the problem of sexuality in the disabled is resolved?

Undoubtedly, sex education is very important for people with disabilities and beyond. But the legalization of professional figures as sex assistants is just a first step towards the Taboo break that they do not allow us to understand and accept the sexuality of the disabled.

It would also be interesting to contemplate Other sizes that they can facilitate the discovery of intimacy and sexuality, and prepare disabled people to live with serenity what is for all one of the most important aspects of life: sex.

In some countries like the United States and Japan, for example, disabled men have access to Treatments that allow erection And ejaculation. Even Erotic accessories They are recognized as essential and are used for sexual stimulation by singles and couples.

The Real Sex Doll, on the other hand, are Dolls for realistic sex silicone Already available in many countries in Europe, including Italy. Purchased from couples and singles of each sexual orientation are chosen for the most varied reasons: fun, first experiences, lack of time for relationships, try new adventures such as threesome, difficulty with other sex or collecting.

These sex dolls, although very realistic, do not replace the relationship with a person in meat and bones but can be useful to make sex life more pleasant. Above all, they have no prejudices and can also be helpful in Rehabilitation or sexual training of people with traumas or handicap.

Sexuality plays an important role in the psycho-physical well-being of every person and to live it at their best it must be happened and lived with openness and serenity. Why shouldn't a disabled person enjoy freedom of sexual choice and decides how to be happy and feel satisfied?