Real Doll: Everyone wants silicone sex dolls!

The Real Doll I am on everyone's mouth: one talk about newspapers, female magazines and specialized forums. But why do these realistic dolls for adults arouse so much interest? We explain everything you need to know about the sex doll and those who buy them in this post.

What is a Real Doll?

Up to a few years ago when talking about sex dolls for adults, referred to Traditional inflatable dolls, very basic models in inflatable plastic with Realistic genitals.

Today, instead, among the dolls for sex we find more sophisticated options like Real Doll, precisely. In both cases it is about Dolls aimed at an adult audience, but the differences between an inflatable doll and a Real Sex Doll immediately jump to the eye (even of the least experienced).

Real Doll Italy

Thanks to a work of artisan and use of carefully chosen materials, this type of Real inflatable dollsThe latest generation for sex is what, at the moment, guarantees the most realistic experience to the user.

If the inflatable dolls were e they are cheap sex toys that can make the masturbation a little more "interactive", the real dolls are the perfect companions for those seeking a 'Realistic sexual experience Without too many compromises.

How are real dolls made for sex?

To answer this question, we propose to take a look at the images on our catalog of Real female doll(And Mini Sexo Doll) AndReal doll male. In the profile of each of our models you will find the photo book with body details, measures and technical characteristics.

All our Real Dolls are silicone dolls that are produced by the best manufacturers taking into account details as:

  • The flexibility of the joints: these models can take the positions of a person in meat and bones. And they are even more flexible to allow you to experience even the more acrobatic sexual positions
  • The elasticity of the skin: the use of materials like the Premium Silicone or TPE Ensures elasticity And softness. With closed eyes it will be difficult to distinguish the skin of a realistic doll from that of a real person.
  • THE genitals that seem real: Ribs, shapes, color, consistency ... Every detail of these sexy dolls is designed to allow the user to enjoy the company and have fun together with the chosen doll. Another detail to be emphasized with regard to the genitals of sex dolls is that they can be removable for easy Maintenance and cleanliness After each intimate encounter.

    Who buys the silicone sex doll?

    The erotic dolls that seem true are now an increasingly widespread reality in Italy and all over the world and arouse the curiosity of men and women of all ages.

    But why do the Real Doll like so much?

    The realistic sexual experience would be the most obvious answer, yet it is not the only reason that pushes to buy a Real Sex Doll.

    Given the growing demand for realistic dolls for sex Some researchers have begun to study the phenomenon to understand who buys this type of erotic toys with human segment and in natural size and why.

     Real Sex Doll Man

    A team of the faculty of Anthropology of the Durham University, For example, conducted a study which shows that the purchaser profile of realistic dolls is mostly men, aged between 30 and 65with high school education or university, employee, single or married.

    Unlike what you might think, the subjects interviewed in the same study state that a real doll Not it's just a sex toy for those who live alone or do not have a stable relationship. The real doll dolls can perfectly satisfy the Torque fantasies such as threesome without food dangerous jealousies or become the perfect companion to share the everyday.

    The experience of having a Real Doll on your side

    The survey conducted at Durham University also reported that sexual function the real doll It is not the only why they are purchased.

    From interviews conducted on a sample of owners of silicone dolls it emerged that sex yes it is a central element in the relationship with the doll, but there's more. Who buys a real doll, in fact, as much importance sentimental aspect and company these lifelike dolls offer.

    It is true that the real doll do not speak (at least for now) and some would say that without communication there can be a relationship, but people living with these lifelike dolls does not think the same way. Having a real doll at his side for many means to have someone you can trust, who does not judge you and who is happy to be with you.

    This would explain why most people who own a real doll doll (or more than one) treats it as his own lover or mate.

    You will not need to go looking academic articles to see that for many people the relationship with their doll goes beyond pure sexual pleasure. On the web there are many stories of men and women who feel happy at the side of a real sex doll.

    This is the case of the athlete and influencer Kazakh Yuri Tolochko who recently married his real doll Margo. For Tolochko could not be a better happy ending for this report began well over a year and shared with his followers on Instagram.

    In Nigeria, the actor and musician Shuga Shaa said they want to marry Tontoh Shaa, A real doll that ensures peace of mind because she will not make the pain of a broken heart.

    These are just two examples, but on the specialized forum you can read many testimonies of owners and owners of doll silicone sex that speak of rewarding experiences with their dolls and relationships with a happy ending.

    Real Doll Black

    The sale of Real Dolls in Italy

    The real doll lifelike dolls have proved a real ally during the pandemic broke out at the beginning of 2020.

    The restrictions imposed to reduce infections and the new normal in which we have had to adjust because of the viruses they ran out engine for the industry of sex toys, masturbation for men Which fake vagina artificial (We also have the artificial vagina Valentina Nappi) and for the real dolls particularly.

    Even before the pandemic there was a certain curiosity about the real dolls and confinement, many have decided to explore the possibility of buying one.

     Sexy doll searches italy

    This behavior is very evident if we look at the online research related to the term "sex doll" obtained using the suite Italian SEO SEOZoom and the "seasonality and impact covid 19" of the combined keyword analysis tool with Google Trends.

    If the virus has placed limits on our social life and relationships, many have not lost heart and have found (and myself) certain pleasures of life with the help of Sex Toys.

     Real Doll Search in Italy

    The increase in the demand for Real Sex Doll During the lockdown he even forced the manufacturers to make double turns to satisfy requests from almost all over the world.

    Tips to buy a sex doll in Italy

    Real Doll dolls are sold almost exclusively online. This allows, on the one hand, greater competitiveness, so to compare the Real Doll at the best price; on the other, it offers to those who buy a certain confidentiality And convenience to be able to realize the purchase from home without having to go to a store and expose.

    Real Sex Doll

    Buy online, however, also has Negative points that we cannot neglect for Avoid scams and surprises leaving the bitterness in his mouth.

    On another occasion we warned you the possible Risks to buy Real Dolls on Amazon. Below, we want to remember some details to keep in mind before proceeding with the purchase of a sex doll online:

    1. Make sure the e-commerce you buy is a authorized dealer. The largest silicone sex doll manufacturers are based in the United States and China. On the site of many brands you will find the list of authorized resellers. We (Real Sex Doll) we are retailers Authorized for Italy and all European countries.
    2. Consult the Real Doll brands and opt for the best known ones like Irontech Doll, HR Doll, Wm doll, Sedoll, XY DOLL, 6ye Premium Doll, AF Doll, etc.
    3. Read carefully The characteristics of the doll before proceeding with the purchase and check if you can personally contact the retailer.

    If you have to choose us for the purchase of your doll and I have to have doubts, don't hesitate to Contact us by email or Request a telephone contact With our team before making the purchase.

    An interview with our team will help you choose the perfect doll for you.

    1. Check that the store has Registered office in Europe to enjoy the European consumer protection, consult payment terms, shipping and rendered to prevent any misunderstanding.
    2. Read reviews and opinions of other users, can always be useful if you may arise about the Real Doll you are about to buy or to understand if the site you are browsing is safe.

    Do you still have doubts about Real Doll and their features? You can send us your questions using the form or send us an email, we will reply as soon as possible!

    Real Sex Doll