Inflatable and silicone doll on Amazon: Risks and Advice

On Amazon, eBay and other Marketplace is found of everything and this, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the strong points of the American giant.

If you searched for Sex Toys or Inflatable Dolls on Amazon, you will also find those. There are some types and colors and some are perhaps even more convenient than products sold by specialized ecommerce.

But if the offer of sex toys e custom inflatable dollsAnd in silicone on Amazon and Ebay is obviously very wide and convenient, what can we say about their quality?

The latter aspect Consumer associations always worries more and more For possible risks on health and customer safety. We also care about your health and security and for this reason we decided to better analyze the question to avoid bad surprises to those who buy on Amazon sex dolls that seem true.

Who sells inflatable dolls on Amazon?

Not everyone knows that many of the products sold on Amazon are offered by retailers who use the platform as an intermediary. In other words, anyone could sell their products on these marketplace following the rules.

This in theory.

In practice, however, in recent years many questions have been raised in this regard and Amazon has also received various complaints for the sale of healthy products for health, false or used. The accusations come from various consumers who have bought accessories and devices that are dangerous or falsified.

On an article relevantly published The Verge, for example, we read the case of the woman who focused the apartment due to a hair dryer bought on Amazon and that she was saved by miracle.

And to show that on these portals you can sell not only false products but, literally, even the garbage has been a group of journalists from the The Wall Street Journal That has created an experiment published at the end of 2019.

Given the increasing complaints, in Europe consumer organization has created safety test Products sold on the main Marketplace (Amazon, Aliexpress, ebay And Wish). The result of the analysis is at least alarming: the 250 products analyzed, 2 out of 3 have not exceeded the safety requirements indicated by the EU regulations. This means that the 66% of these products is dangerous As it can cause electric shock, fire or suffocation.

Although the study focused on products such as cosmetics, toys and children's stuff, chargers and other small appliances, the result could be applied to each category of items sold on these portals.

It is not spoken much, instead, of the possible health risks of the Sex Toys Amazon, like dolls for adults that seem true, because they are still a taboo.

Yet, considering that anyone could sell one bABULA realistic silicone for sex On Amazon, we must take into account that this could also be counterfeit and potentially dangerous to the health of those who use it.

If you want to have fun with your sexy doll in complete safety, what you are about to read.

The risks of buying silicone dolls on Amazon or eBay

Why is it necessary to pay more attention when buying inflatable dolls on Amazon or eBay? The main reasons are:

  • Low quality materials. Which not only compromises the operation and duration of the product but above all can be harmful to the user. We give you more details on this point in the next paragraph.
  • False or non-certified products. Buy an inflatable doll on Amazon at a bargain price thinking of making a deal can leave the bitterness in the mouth. The rip-offs are also on these portals and you have to keep your eyes well open if you don't want to be disappointed, throw away the money and, more than anything else, put your health at risk. Why, who knows what falsified sex toys are?
  • Used Products. If the journalists of The Wall Street Journal have shown that you can also sell the garbage on Amazon, the possibility that you sell Real Doll used exists. Only the idea makes us shudder!

Why does the material of an inflatable doll counts so much?

Most of Male masturbators And dolls for sex sold on non-specialized portals do not contain indications on the materials they are made. This is the disturbing reality that highlighted the investigation carried out by the Corriere della Sera.

The danger is that in these toys they hide toxic and even carcinogenic substances like phthalates.

The use of phthalates is prohibited by European regulations in the production of toys and childhood products due to the risk of health that involve when they are placed in the mouth. As we read in the same investigation, there is no regulation that prohibits the use of phthalates in adult toys despite even these come into contact with mucous membranes.

In addition to the issue Toxicity of certain materials, we must also think about the fact that a counterfeit inflatable doll will deteriorate much more rapidly than one Real Doll Produced following quality and safety criteria.

Amazon sex dolls that seem true

The materials used by the most important producers of Real Sex Doll I'm the Premium Silicone or the TPE, Safe substances and compliant with health standards. These materials are not only non-toxic, but they also offer a 'Very realistic experience Making the skin of soft and elastic sex dolls as well as resistant.

So, it is true that buying sex dolls that seem real on secure websites can mean spending a little more but you will earn in health and satisfaction.

Tips to avoid frams and false products on Amazon

To buy on Amazon real inflatable dolls that are safe and at an affordable price You will have to browse your patience and comb your infinite catalog trying to Do not fall into the traps of some retailers. You will then have to pay attention to some details:

  • The brand. Make sure the doll's brand is known and specialized in this type of sex toys. Reading opinions could help to see if it is a safe product but also of these you can up to a certain point.
  • Photos and description. Check the product photos well and read the description carefully. Don't get yourself from the emotion of having found a mega offer because sometimes What is shown in the photos does not exactly match the description of the product offered.
  • Price. If the Silicone doll price found on Amazon is ten times cheaper than the same doll sold by on a specialized ecommerce, there is a good chance that it is a rip-off.
  • Right of withdrawal. Read the purchase conditions well and make sure you can request refund if the doll is not compliant.
  • Complaint. Report retailers who announce falsified products on the Amazon or eBay portal Other Marketplace to prevent other users from remanging disappointed.

Unfortunately, the scams on online portals are more numerous than one can imagine and more and more sophisticated. To give you an example, we conducted a simple search for inflatable dolls on Amazon. In the list appears a Doll model described Like a realistic inflatable doll. Even the photos are just those of a doll that seems true, sold for less than 100 euros.

Incredible, a doll that In other sites it costs over 1,500 €Bother It would look like a bargain and someone could rush to the purchase so as not to miss this great opportunity.

In fact, if you read the technical description, there you understand that it is an inflatable PVC doll, despite the retailer loaded photos of another sex doll, those of Aurora silicone inflatable doll, just one of the real silicone doll that we have in our catalog!

Amazon silicone inflatable doll

If in the past you thought about buying your inflatable doll on eBay, Amazon, Wish and other Marketplace, and you are still going to do it, we hope that the advice and information we have collected in this post are useful to choose with more tranquility and safety.